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can cockatiels see color?

The truth is that there are living creatures that see hundreds or even thousands of times better than humans.

Humans find it difficult to imagine the sensory worlds of creatures with abilities that extend to other horizons.

Yes, cockatiels see color Since Birds have a color vision system that surpasses that of all mammals, including humans. The sense of sight in birds is one of the wonders.

can cockatiels see color

How Can Cockatiels see Color?

Birds have one of the most complex and powerful eyes in the animal world, and the main reason is that “the tissue that forms the image and that lines the inside of the eye is richer in optical cells than that found in the eyes of other creatures. 

It also determines the number of optical cells and the extent to which the eye can see small things from a distance. While the human retina contains about 200,000 optical cells per square millimeter, most birds have three times that number; hawks Eagles and eagles have a million or more per square millimeter.”

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Do Cockatiels distinguish colors?

Birds, for example, have a system for seeing colors that is more complex than ours, as their light-sensitive cells are characterized by pigments of up to five pigments, which makes them able to detect more shades of color than humans.

For this reason, hawks can see a small insect no more than two and a half centimeters long from a height of five hundred meters, while elephants cannot distinguish huge objects even from a distance of thirty meters.

can Cockatiels see Color through ultraviolet rays?

Cockatiels see Color through ultraviolet rays As Many types of birds, not just a few of them can see ultraviolet light, except for nocturnal bird species such as owls. The eyes of most birds are more sensitive to ultraviolet light, which is called visible light, so birds depend on this process to choose Their partners to find food, and scan for predators.

Surprisingly, birds see a world utterly different from the world we are familiar with, and thanks to a special camera with the ability to simulate the vision of birds, it is possible to identify the characteristics of this special aspect of them.

For example, Australian honeyeaters have a fourth color receptor sensitive to violet light, while the cones of parrots can capture light more within the ultraviolet part of the visible spectrum.

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