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Commonly Heard Facts About Dogs

Facts About Dogs?

Have you ever believed a shaggy dog story about dogs and come unstuck because of it? There are plenty of things you sometimes hear people say that have no basis in fact.

We’ve highlighted some of the main ones below.

“It’s fine to let my dog eat scraps from the table.”

You buy dog food for your dog for a reason. Dogs aren’t meant to eat human food. While some things we would eat are fine to give to a dog – such as plain chicken, for example – this shouldn’t be done regularly. If your dog has his regular food and then has scraps as well, he’ll start putting on weight very quickly indeed.

“My dog gets enough exercise in my garden each day – he doesn’t need to go for a walk as well.”

No matter how big your garden is, it’s not enough simply to exercise your dog out there all the time. Dogs love to explore new locations and interact with other people and other dogs too. You can do this by visiting the local parks or woodland, depending on where you live. It’s as much about getting social interaction as it is about getting exercise. A properly-socialized dog is a friendly dog – and not one that could create problems or become aggressive.

“Dogs eat grass when they’re sick.”

Actually, recent research has revealed that dogs love to eat grass. That’s it – there is no other reason for it than that!

“My dog is fine in the car as long as I wind the windows down so he can have some fresh air.”

Not true. We’ve all heard horror stories of dogs dying in cars. They can overheat very quickly on a hot day. If you’ve ever sat in a car on a hot day you’ll know how quickly it can become very uncomfortable. Never leave your dog alone when it’s hot, even just for a minute.

“When my dog wags his tail, it means he’s happy.”

Yes, it can do, but there are other reasons why a dog will wag his tail too. For example, he might actually be feeling fearful of the situation he is in. Spending time with your dog in a variety of situations will help you assess how he is feeling in a wide variety of situations. Watch for other signs and signals to help you build a picture of how he feels.

“My dog gets plenty of exercise outdoors – I don’t need to play with him as well.”

Not so. While walks are good for you and your dog, he’ll enjoy playing games too. Teach him to fetch a ball when you throw it and he’ll probably play for hours. It helps burn off any excess energy, exercises his mind as well as his body, and makes sure he is ready for a well-earned snooze as well.

Have you heard any other odd shaggy dog stories that simply don’t ring true when you think about them in more depth?

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