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New Puppy into Home

Welcoming Your New Puppy into Your Home

When you have a new puppy to bring home, it is well worth spending some time making sure you are ready for this momentous day. It’s a big moment for you as well as for your puppy, so it makes sense to ensure you are prepared and make the first day or two as easy as possible.

Begin toilet training immediately

Where are you going to let your puppy go to the toilet? Designate a spot in your garden and make sure your first task when you arrive home is to take your puppy there. Use the same command all the time – something like ‘go potty’, ‘go toilets’, or ‘do your business. He will learn to associate that phrase with the act of going to the toilet, and it will make life easier. Remember – plenty of praise when he goes!

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Don’t let him have the run of the house straightaway

His new environment will be overwhelming at first. Furthermore, he will have left his mother and litter mates and be in completely new surroundings. Giving him too much room to explore could make him feel insecure and worried. Keep a close eye on him as he explores, too.

Don’t crowd him

If you have children they’re likely to want to fuss him the moment he comes through the front door. Supervise all introductions and let the puppy get used to everyone instead of being tempted to pass him around for cuddles with every member of the family.

Make sure you have a crate ready for bedtime

Crate training is a very popular way of training your puppy. It also provides them with a cozy den they can sleep in at night. You can always drape a blanket over the top to give your puppy a proper snuggly den. If you can, get the breeder to provide a blanket scented by his mother when you go to pick up your puppy. This will provide reassurance for the first few nights as your puppy settles into your home.

Get into a proper routine

This is perhaps one of the most important elements of all. Puppies (and dogs too) like to have a routine. It settles them and makes life easier for you as well. The sooner you can get into a routine, the better everyone will feel and respond to it.

So for example, make sure you feed your puppy at the same time each day. Eventually, they will transition from four or three meals a day to two. When this happens, you’ll simply have the morning and evening meals still in place.

Additionally, make sure you take your puppy out to the toilet after each mealtime. You should also do this whenever they wake up from a nap and whenever they have spent time playing.

As you can see, some time spent preparing to welcome your puppy will be well-spent indeed. It will help you and your puppy settle into a new routine together that will continue throughout their life.

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