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Persian cat Food schedule needs to be planned and focused on what the cat likes from cooked food. Because cats are naturally averse to eating food that they do not like, it is important to provide suitable food for the cat. To induce proper nutrition and then enjoy good health. But many breeders do not know how to cook or how much to prepare. So, follow the article with us to learn more about the Suitable food schedule.

Persian cat Food

Persian cat Food

The Persian cat is one of the most sensitive types of cats that can be difficult to handle automatically. Because in this case he is allergic and is sure to be exposed to some serious diseases. The quality of food that is given to the cat is one of the necessary things to improve its health and thus protect it from serious diseases. In this way, the Persian cat Food schedule is developed to provide him at home with the finest and best foods. Today, during the following paragraphs from the Pets Group website, we will talk in detail about the food table for beginners without exposing your cat to any serious diseases.

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Cat food is diverse and different and there are a lot of sources with different opinions and details, everyone who keeps cats hopes to feed their cat personalized food. In this way, he cooks food in his own way, but sometimes that food does not include all the nutrients. Therefore, it is necessary to plan a schedule for Persian cat food, to improve the meals, and thus provide all the nutritional values of the Persian cats.

Persian cat eating schedule at home

In fact, Persian cat food is difficult for some people, because Persian cats by its nature, is not don’t like home-cooked food. Most of all prefer dry food and it is very difficult to provide these foods. Especially for people who can’t afford to buy it because it needs expensive sums, For example, we will give you a brief about Persian cat Food schedule to enjoy providing healthy food for your cat, and similarly, it will be as follows:

Dairy: Milk is one of the important and beneficial elements for the body, through which it helps the body to maintain its physical health. For example, it strengthens the bones and teeth and thus maintains the activity of the body.

Fish of all kinds: Fish contains proteins and carbohydrates in addition to phosphorous as well. Moreover, it is a harmless food for the body’s functions and thus improves metabolism and reduces indigestion.

Meat, especially cooked chicken: Poultry, in general, is full of protein and healthy fats that are beneficial to the health of cats. In the same context, it must be completely free of bones so that cats do not suffocate while eating. Moreover, it needs to be cooked healthily to have a wonderful flavor and good taste, and then the cat will always seek food.

Dry food: Dry foods contain many values and nutrients that the body needs, thus giving it activity and protecting it from inherited diseases. In the same context, it benefits all parts of the body because it is rich in minerals and vitamins that improve the performance of the body and increase its vitality.

Vegetables of all kinds.

Various fruits except for grapes.

the liver;

Some healthy starches like oats and fresh potatoes.

canned food.

Semi-wet food.

All of these foods are included in the table of domestic Persian cat food, and on the other hand, they have an effective and powerful role in improving all cells of the body.

How to feed a Persian cat

In the beginning, there is more than one way to feed the Persian cat, we hope to feed the cat. For example, food can be placed at regular Times during the day at a rate of three times. Or you can put the whole amount of food in a bowl and then put it in front of the cat so The Cat can eat it wherever he wants. But this method is not recommended so that flies do not fall or bacteria accumulate on the food, and at that time it becomes contaminated and harms the health of cats.

It is best to put the food in front of the cat for 20 minutes, and after the specified period, the food is disposed of so that dirt does not accumulate on it. This method is like setting a feeding schedule and thus ensuring that the cat eats its entire food.

Make sure to provide hot or warm meals, especially in the winter, so that the cats can eat their meals to the fullest.

It is best to remove the bones from the meat carefully so that the cat does not swallow the bone unconsciously and thus develop some physical problems.

Persian cat food preparation schedule

Some home recipes can be prepared at home and in the meantime are rich in all the nutrients. Preparing food is not easy because there are some foundations for it. For example, it is advisable to take care to include all nutritional values ​​to ensure the physical safety of cats. In the same context, cook it deliciously so that cats do not alienate it. Here are some recipes for the Persian cat Food schedule, which are as follows:

Vegetable soup with meat.

Bring a concentrated soup of meat and then put the minced boneless meat on it and in the meantime, it is cooked on very low heat.

After making sure the meat is level, add some useful foods such as vegetables to it. Moreover, we add barley powder with two tablespoons of healthy oats. At that time, the meal is fully nourished and contains carbohydrates and healthy fats, in addition to vegetables and protein to provide the body with countless benefits.

cool it and then provide it to the cat warm in a suitable amount.

Flat chicken and cooked rice

Boil the chicken in a pot of water with the addition of salt to give it a good flavor. After making sure that the chicken is cooked, we leave it to cool, and on the other hand, we make sure to empty the bones from it and cut it into small pieces.

Then we cook the rice and add the cooked chicken cubes to it and after finishing leave it to cool. And most of all, we make sure to provide it to the Persian cat warm.

Food needs of Persian cats

While making the schedule for eating Persian cats, care must be taken to give him proper nutrition in the food served to him. This is to increase the weight of the cat in a balanced manner, especially for small cats, and we are also keen to extend its life span. Among the steps that must be taken and followed are the following:

  • First: Be sure to include protein in every meal. Because protein is a very necessary factor to maintain the health of the cat and thus improve body functions.
  • Second: Commitment to eating dates and making sure that food is served on fixed dates so that the cat does not get angry and meow continuously.
  • Third: It is best to follow a healthy diet rich in natural fibers to prevent indigestion and digestive problems. Moreover, strengthens the stomach and maintains its integrity because digestion becomes very smooth after eating fiber.

Best dry cat food for Persian cats

best dry food for persian cats

Your cat is a part of the family, so as you choose your food carefully, you must keep your mind Your Persian cat Food. These are the five best types of cat food that you can choose from according to quality and according to your budget.

Royal Canine Best Dry Cat Food for Persian cats

Royal Canin Dry Food for Persian cats is considered one of the best Cat Dry Food for Persian cats because it provides a very large variety according to your cat’s needs, that’s why Royal divided its products according to the age group.
Kitten or adult or senior

It is preferable to buy Royal Canin for cats if your cats have hairballs in their stomach or if your cat is  above 7 years And you can buy Royal Canin Best Dry cat Food for persian cats and get you home

Leonardo best dry food for Persian cats

The ingredients of the food were made of very high quality that used real meat, not leftover meat, to make dry food.

Happycat best dry Cat food for Persian cats

Hap cat is one of the few types of Best dry cat food for Persian cats whose ingredients are of excellent quality and contain real meat, but at the same time, it is reasonably priced. Try this type. Cats will love it because it tastes excellent and is also easy to digest.

BewiCat best dry Cat food for Persian cats

If you are looking to eat cats, it is not very expensive and at the same time high quality and you keep combining the two features, then BewiCat Dry Food for cats is your choice because there are 3 options
3 mix

And here the choice is up to your cat who likes to eat dry food with any flavor

In addition, BewiCat is very suitable for cats that have been sterilized

Foods not suitable for the Persian cat

Knowing what the Persian cat eats may not be enough to take care of it properly, so it is better to know which foods your cat should not eat because they may cause many health problems in the long run.
Examples of these foods include:
  1. Carbohydrates, because they need certain enzymes that are not found in the cat’s body in abundance.
  2. Any food that contains chemicals like BHA or BHT because they are carcinogens.
  3. Any food that contains dyes because they cause behavioral problems and sometimes may cause cat cancer.
  4. Any food that contains propylene glycol because it is antifreeze and may cause the death of your cat.
  5. Too cold or too hot food.
  6. Sharp or small bones because they are harmful to a cat’s delicate intestines and may cause stomach problems.
  7. Milk is the main meal, but it is better to have spaced intervals.
  8. Persian Cat does not like to eat fruit, especially grapes, because it is said that it may cause him poisoning.
  9. Raw eggs, raw meat, onions, garlic, chocolate, grapes, raisins, anything with caffeine.
  10. Milk is rich in lactose because it causes diarrhea or dehydration problems.
  11. Salty foods because they damage the cat’s bladder and kidneys and may cause urinary retention.
  12. Sweets and sugars, because the Persian Cat, or any other type of cat, has a genetic mutation in the tongue that prevents it from tasting sweets as we taste the skin.
One last tip: sometimes you don’t know what the Persian cat eats because it refuses all kinds of foods. In this case, it may be best to buy him Persian cat food from a cat supply store. If you need any help, you can contact us here.

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