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Brought Home a Rescue Dog? Keep These Pointers in Mind

Giving a home to a rescue dog is an admirable thing to do. Some people only ever adopt from rescue centers and shelters, instead of buying puppies from breeders.

Just Brought Home a Rescue Dog? Keep These Pointers in Mind

If this is the route you want to go down, make sure you read the following pointers. They will help ensure you are prepared for your new pet.

What breed is your dog?

Some breeds have traits other breeds don’t. For example, some breeds are easier to train than others. Some will need more exercise than others. Similarly, some may be pre-disposed to certain medical conditions that never affect other breeds.

Having all this information to hand will help you in many ways. Insurance companies might also want to know the breed, or the closest approximation in the case of a cross-breed (your vet can help with this information).

Does the dog have any medical conditions?

Many people are happy to rescue a dog that has a medical condition. However you will want to know exactly what the condition is so you will know how best to have it treated.

Make sure your vet checks out the dog for you so any issues can be highlighted immediately. Ask the shelter for any details they might have as well.

Get as full a history on the dog as you can

The shelter should have some information on the dog you are adopting. However it does depend on where the dog came from. In some cases people bring dogs in because they cannot keep them or cope with them. In this situation they should be able to provide lots of details about the dog’s history.

However if the dog has been caught as a stray, you may know as much as the shelter does. Ask your vet to examine them to determine such information as breed, approximate age and so on. This can be very useful information to have.

Get pet insurance as soon as possible

Pet insurance gives you the peace of mind of knowing if your dog has an accident or falls ill, the insurance policy should cover the costs of the veterinary treatment. When you provide a home for a rescue dog, you might be offered a short period of free insurance to begin with. However, while this gives you immediate cover for a short time, it may not provide the depth of cover you’d normally expect from pet insurance.

To this end, make sure you have as much information on the dog as you can. You can then shop round for quotes on pet insurance straightaway and get a suitable policy you are happy to pay for.

Welcoming a new pet into your home is a great moment. If that pet happens to be a rescue dog, you are providing a new home to a dog that may not have had the best start in life. Thus it is an excellent idea to make sure you have as much information as you can at your fingertips, to ensure you get the best start together.

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