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Dog recall training

Follow the Good ideas below and you will find you can definitely call your dog to come.

Your dog must come to expect only beneficial things when he obeys the “come” command.

When you summon your dog with the “come” command, never reward him with a reproof. If there are going to be any objectionable results, you need to go to your dog, not call him.

If you need your dog for any process he’s not a fan of, don’t call him with the “come” command. When you have a dog that thinks baths or having his nails trimmed obnoxious, don’t use the” come” command when you need him for this.

Coming on command must be a rewarding experience.

At the start use a reward that your dog finds highly motivational, like food, play, or a favorite toy. To teach your dog to come all the way to you, bring the reward closer to you as he approaches.

How To Teach Your Dog To Come In 3 Easy Steps - Dog recall training

Rather than handing the reward to your dog, make him come in to your side to gain his reward. Get a firm handle on your dog before giving over the reward.

Finally, you want to teach your dog to come for a verbal or physical reward, so it is best to stop using food and toy rewards over time.

Since you may not have any treats ready to hand in an emergency. 

Safety reasons could well mean that you need your dog to come when he knows you don’t have a treat.

While the dog recall training you need to be able to control that he does in fact come to you.

Don’t fall into the trap of allowing your dog to ignore or dismiss you and end up teaching that he is permitted to do as he pleases.

A walled-in area is an ideal place to start teach your dog to come. Try to get your dog to come without the leash a time or two in the beginning. You want to teach your dog to come to you regardless of whether he is on or off the leash.

Before using the “come” command call your dog’s name, so that you know you have his full concentration. Then go on the opposite course. This is designed to get your dog to go after you. Call excitedly, heaping praise on him until he is near enough to grip his collar.

This is the right time to give him his preferred reward and lots of praise. Now back up again repeating the procedure so that he learns the command. Dog recall training should be brief so that your dog can maintain his concentration.

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Employ a leash for Dog recall training

If after a few times you still can’t get your dog to come or he just doesn’t come close enough. 

Commence again calling your dog and issuing the “come” command. However, now you apply soft pressure to the leash, guiding your dog to you.

Only ever use a little pressure to get your tog heading in the right direction and obey the command.

These three steps are the key to getting your dog to come every time you call. If you educate your dog to come, you’ll know that you will be able to keep your dog safe.

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