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 All humans love ice cream, but how many know the truth about these creatures that caused the manufacture of this delicious dessert, as the credit for this is due to cows, and cows are called the word cattle, a term that dates back to the Latin word in the Middle Ages.

Can Cows Swim? Facts About Cows

Can Cows Swim?

The answer is yes The Cows can swim. Most mammals are able to swim, including cats that hate water, and desert camels. Although all animals mainly evolved from aquatic organisms, some of them retained their ability to swim, while others developed this skill after losing it.

The Necessary body movements for swimming are not much different from those necessary for walking, which explains why many most mammals are able to swim. Cow bodies contain enough fat in their bodies to keep them afloat.

What Do Cows Do in The Pool?

It seems that the hot weather these days in some European countries, has made a cow take a strange experience; Cows usually spend their time in pastures and green spaces in search of food, and in quiet Places away from people’s lives.

However, a cow wanted to be different, and decided in its own way to discover some aspects of the human world, even it became the talk of the newspapers. In the Austrian state of Steiermark, for unknown reasons, a cow fell into a swimming pool, and remained stuck in it for some long while, according to the German magazine “Der Spiegel” today (June 29, 2020).

The “lucky” cow kept using its bellow (the sound of the cows) to call for help, and to save itself from the trouble it had fallen into. Fortunately for the cow, some neighbors heard its bellow and called the rescue teams, who arrived quickly.

Der Spiegel indicated that the rescue team (about 32 people) found themselves in a difficult position due to the heavy weight of the cow (600 kilograms) and the high temperature, adding that a crane was used to pull the cow out of the pool and return it to its normal place.

Can cows swim

In the same context, the Austrian “Vienna” website reported that the cow was in good health after being examined by a veterinarian, adding that it was handed over to its owner, after which the process of cleaning the pool began, which in turn was not easy, according to the same source.

 can Cows swim in the water?

Sometimes many people imagine that some animals can swim in the water, but it comes to certain types of animals and he cannot imagine them swimming, and among these types are cows, but the truth is the opposite, most mammals can swim, including cats that hate water and including Camels that live in the desert far from water.

and all this is due to the mechanism of required movements for swimming, it is not very different from walking, so most mammals can swim, in addition to the fact that cows have a huge amount of fat in their bodies that enables them to float and the ability to swim.

can cows swim

Why Do Cows Swim?

Sometimes animals go swimming for fear of enemies or in search of cold water due to the hot weather, and it is possible for cows to stay for hours swimming in the water and enjoy it, especially in the summer, so the animal’s body is very hot and needs to be placed in cold water to feel refreshed

How Can Cows Swim?

Cows can swim easily in the water for long periods of time without getting tired, as they have a lot of fat that helps them float above the water, which makes the process of swimming easy for them, and rowing in the water is with their four legs without any problem.

Is It Dangerous for Cows to swim?

No, swimming is not dangerous for the cows, on the contrary, it is beneficial for them. They naturally love water and can swim. They will not have a problem in swimming unless they feel tired and do not find a way out for water. It will certainly be dangerous for them and they must be taken out before they drown.

Swimming benefits For Cows:

  • Swimming is a great way of exercise
  • Swimming boosts metabolism.
  • Swimming improves circulation by Strengthens the heart and lungs
  • Swimming less inflammation.
  • swimming improves leg muscles
  • Swimming reduces ill.
  • Swimming help rehydrate skin.

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Weird facts about cows:

Cows kill a lot of people.

ABC News reported on a 2012 study published in Wild and Environmental Medicine, was revealed that cattle cause an average of 22 deaths annually, while on the other side, sharks only cause six deaths a year.

Bulls can’t see red.

A bullfighter can use a pink or purple flag to anger the bull, not necessarily the red flag. The bull is not angry because of the color, but the flag’s movement is what causes it to anger and anger it. The real reason behind the bullfighters’ use of the red flag is to hide the blood from the bull.

Good treatment of cows makes them produce more milk:

Farmers who treat their cows in a good and friendly way make them produce more milk than other, lonely cows. For example, a 2009 study from Newcastle University found that cows that are more comfortable with humans produce more milk, while when cows are stressed, they produce cortisol, a hormone that suppresses milk production. On the other hand, the good relationship between farmers and cows makes farmers less susceptible to sick while working.

Cows do not sleep standing up and be careful while sleeping:

Some think that cows sleep while standing like horses and that as soon as they are pushed, they fall and lie on the ground to complete their sleep. However, this does not make sense at all, as the cows have huge sizes that constitute a significant obstacle to achieving this matter, as they do not sleep standing, but lie on the ground and be very careful not to allow a stranger to approach them.

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