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trim Cat Nails in 8 Steps 

to trim cat nails in the right way helps your cat live a better life and do all its vital functions easily. But why? 

  • Cats’ nails are one of their primary weapons of self-defense, and they are a cat’s way of performing many tasks related to their lives in general.
  • Cats also use their nails to clean their body and remove scales from the body, and they use their nails as a way to leave their scent in their favorite places until they declare their control over them and always return to them.

Therefore, we warn you against responding to some who remove cat nails completely, as this process is very dangerous.

The alternative is to trim the nails at intervals. Trimming the nails of cats, despite its importance, is something that must happen with great care and perfection so as not to cause great psychological harm to the cat.

And it may also cause serious organic diseases if done incorrectly.

trimming the nails of cats periodically and in a correct manner ensures that the cats continue to carry out their natural functions properly.

It also guarantees cat breeders a happy time playing and having fun with it without getting too many wounds because of it.

In this topic, we will explain to you in detail how to trim Cat nails in the right way, and we will show you important tips that you must pay attention to while trimming your cat’s nails, whether you do it yourself or in a veterinary clinic specialized in that.

When and How to trim cat nails

Determining the dates of trim ting nails is done according to the speed of their growth, and as needed.

Cats’ claws usually grow within three to four weeks after they are trimmed, so trimming a cat’s claws every month is a good rate.

Before starting the method of trimming cats’ nails, other factors such as the need to trim the nails must be taken into account.

Some cats, although their Nails are long, are not sharp and are not harmful to either the environment around them or their owners. So trimming their nails isn’t necessary and can be overlooked.

How to trim cat nails

Cut only the transparent part of the nail, and avoid cutting the pink part because it contains capillaries.

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How to cut the nails of cats correctly?

Whether you are going to start clipping your cat’s claws yourself or take them to the vet to do so, you must pay attention to some precautions that will maintain your cat’s health, mental state, and mood.

These tips that we offer on how to cut the nails of cats must be taken into consideration because cats are beautiful animals and they are responsible for you, so you should pay attention to them fully:

  • In any case, you should not trim your cat’s nails if she is sick or suffers from any pain, because the cat in this case will be moody, and trimming her nails will lead to a deterioration in her psychological state and may have unimaginable consequences. So the cat must be in good health before rimming the nails.
  • Calm your cat before trimming her nails, and it is recommended that you pet her and distract her long enough before the nail clipping process. Cats love independence, and if you force them to cut their nails, they will resist violently and at that time you may harm your cat or yourself, so you should pay attention.
  • Cutting nails through a machine dedicated to clipping nails greatly facilitates the task, if you cannot buy them, you can use ordinary scissors, provided that they are sharp, medium-sized, and easy to control scissors so as not to harm your cat.
  • Don’t let your cat see the cat nail clipper because it might freak out and may refuse to bow to you. Remember that when you were a young child you hated clipping your nails, and cats are also sensitive creatures that won’t give in easily so try not to hurt them.
  • When you trim cat nails, trim the claws of the front hands only, as they may hurt you while playing with them, while the nails on the back feet do not need to be trimmed.
  • We also warn that it is not necessary to trim all the nails at once. If you are going to cut your cat’s nails at home, you can trim two or three nails at a time for three consecutive days.

How to trim cat nails the right way

We will show you how to cut cat nails in 8 easy steps as follows:

  1. Start by making sure you’re using sharp scissors if you’re going to clip your cat’s claws at home or have a cat claws clipper ready until you’re ready.
  2. Take your cat and her player and psychologically prepare her to accept anything from you, pet her in her head quietly until she feels relaxed with you, do not play violently with the cat because this will alert her and make her motivated for anything she does, which may spoil the plan to calm her.
  3. Press your thumb on the back of the cat’s hand from above its claws, you will find that its claws protrude forward, you will notice the time that you have to cut its claws.
  4. When cutting a cat’s claws, it should only cut the tips of its claws as shown in the picture.
  5. Cut only two to three millimeters of the cat’s nails, and be careful not to cut the capillary part of the paw, which could injure your cat. The photo will show you in detail where to cut.
  6. As we explained, if your cat responds, you can continue, and if the cat resists you after clipping a nail or two, you can postpone the clipping until the next day.
  7. If you accidentally cut your cat while trimming, calm it down, use a cotton swab soaked in antiseptic, and wipe the wound until the bleeding stops. Don’t worry, the bleeding will stop quickly, but you should stop cutting until the next day.
  8. When you’re done clipping the claws, reward your cat with a toy she likes, a food she likes, or whatever you’re used to giving her as a treat.

How to trim Kitten’s nails

The good age to clip the nails of cats is not specified. So when you bring a new cat into your home, you may start playing with it and notice that it is scratching your hands with its little nails. So you might consider cutting it.

Cat scrapes and cuts caused by kittens are completely harmless so do not worry about them and disinfect them with a normal disinfectant.
I am not the first to bring a kitten, as we are always asked the question “Can a kitten’s nails be cut” and the answer is that this is possible but not desirable. Why?

Because Kitten has very small nails and may cause them to be injured while cutting. So if you find this necessary, consult your vet for help, and do not cut it yourself.

How to trim Kitten's nails

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