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Cats – the nocturnal pet

Although they are nocturnal by nature does not mean they can’t let you sleep.  If you happen to sleep with cats, it could mean you are headed for sleepless nights.

I have had cats that I was able to sleep with and others that were impossible to do so.  The young cats are inclined to come to life after the lights go out or just as you start sleeping.  If they decide to use you as a race track it can get downright ugly.  It is no fun to have skid marks across your body and explain those lacerations on your face to your friends the next day!

Tire them out

To make them tired at bedtime, make sure you engage them in some playful activities, preferably ones that consist of running at break neck speed.  If they are wore out they will more likely go to sleep when you want them to.  But there is also the problem that they might be ready to wake up sooner than you do, which is again interrupting your much needed sleep.  As they do like to bounce on things such as feet or hands if you just happen to move.

Ban them from the bedroom

If you find that they are causing too much disturbance to your sleep then you will

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