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Animals in the City


  • I absolutely love animals so animals in the city are something 
  • I enjoy immensely. Just take a look around and you can spot many species just joining in the daily ‘rat’ race in their own ways and
  •  actually fitting into the world we have created remarkably well.

Of the many animals in cities all around the world, there are a few common faces that stretch almost the entire globe and can often be found either blatantly running around or hiding in the shadows living of our waste and overconsumption.

First up the champion of animals in the city is the mighty pigeon. I have yet to go to a city anywhere in the world and not see a pigeon. If you know of a city that does not have any, then I would love to know. Generally, they seem to be wood pigeon-styled Pigeons but I am currently here in Cairo, Egypt and I am seeing small brown doves and beautiful black and white pigeons on the city outskirts.

Next, you often find Dogs and Cats, I’ll put these together as we all know about them. Many are animals that have been turfed out onto the street to fend for themselves but in many cities, they have been living wild for many many generations and are semi-wild but still co-existing with humans in a very functional way. They eat our trash and cozy up to us and even get along with the domestic animals…. I have made good friends with many street animals that seem quite content living on the streets.

Then we have many many night dwellers. These include beautiful foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, porcupines, rats, mice, thousands of insects, bats, and many many more.

Please let us know your favorite of the many animals in the city and if you have any comments. I don’t see city animals as pests as we have stolen their natural habitats so they are making do with what we have replaced them with.

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