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Are You A Dog Or Cat Person?

Dogs – Type:

Some people tend to be more likely to choose and educate naturally, and to lead the way… which can be very beneficial in professional life. A dog needs loving and very consistent education. You do not help a dog if you leave it without instructions. Likewise, it is important to win its heart and friendship – because the lovable four-legged friends love to be loved. So success will arrive with a lot of playful and tricky work. Whether “sit” … “walk” or “paw”: Your puppy will like to do it when his master/mistress/friend reacts positively afterward. You always stay the leader, rewarding and showing affection to your dog when he behaves! However, if you expect a cat to wait for and respond to commands, you will soon realize this is never going to happen.

Are you a puppy person?


Cats – Type:

Cats are by nature very independent and stubborn. They decide for themselves when, for example, they need petting. They are freedom-loving animals … whose natural instinct is programmed to clean themselves … hunt … and sleep (for about 18 hours a day wherever they want)! Since they can still buy so many expensive cat baskets, her cat is then rather on the favorite chair of the spouse … or on the beautiful high living room cabinet. Cat trees are highly recommended, especially if the cat lives in the house. If you want to give the cat this naturally needed free space, you will be an ideal cat-owning type.

Remember, if you are working full time, it might be advisable to get two kittens from the same litter.


One or two kittens?

If you are not able to spend enough time playing and petting your pet, for example, due to full-time work … then it is absolutely advisable to bring a second kitten into the home. Because despite their independence, a cat does not want to spend the whole day – alone – in boredom. The best thing to do is to look at the family, and siblings from the same litter. Get advice from a good veterinarian if you are not sure.


Dog and cat:

Dogs and cats can also be brought together … but it is best of all to get them together at a young age as a puppy and kitten . Otherwise, it depends on the situation. On the prehistory and the type of the dog and the kitten. WEEKS can pass until the animals accept and understand each other. It can take months to make friends … and if that succeeds – it’s great to see the dog and cat walking and playing together in the garden. As a human you need a lot of TIME & PATIENCE, There are cases where it does not succeed and the dog and cat are not able to tolerate each other. All this should be thought out in advance in order to ensure both animals have a good quality of life.


Calculate costs: 

Also, the costs have to be calculated … BEFORE !!! There is the cost of very good food … which does not always have to be the most expensive, nor the cheapest – its CONTENTS is what is the most important. Also, think about the annual vaccinations, additional veterinary costs in case of illness or accident, cat tree, good litter, nice toys, useful pet supplies, cat grass, treats, etc. The best thing is to ask friends who have animal experience and love their pets. Put together a list and first get informed about the prices. So you can literally “calculate the costs” beforehand!


Other questions:

Vacation time? (another time) Does one have enough space? Do you have a garden or at least a home with a balcony? Can you secure the balcony? If you have a landlord – does he agree? Is it clear that a cat – depending on the breed can live to be between 16 – and 20 years old? Will you take responsibility for the new protege and maintain it? If yes then great!


Good luck with the arrival of your new pet, whether it be a cat, dog or both! We urge you not to forget that there are so many “stray” animals waiting in shelters for a lovely loving home… Give them a chance.

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